Green Bay Decoys offer the best quality snow and blue goose decoys at reasonable prices. Our decoys are sewn in the USA using the 1443 grade soft Tyvek bought directly from DuPont. We use the strongest grade of banding offered for the collars and once it is sewn in they are double rolled, bar tacked at the sides and grommeted top and bottom. This prevents the banding from wearing through and prevents tearing at the sew line. The strength of the collar material keeps the opening round instead of kinked or crushed like many other brands. Our stakes are 1/4" x 26" harvest color. Our Patented body supports are collapsible for easy packing and storage. The curved back supports give the decoys a more realistic look and don't wear through the Tyvek body like the straight rod supports do. If you are in the market for decoys be sure to check these out. Buy a dozen and compare them to any other brand and you will see the difference.  ALL OF OUR DECOYS NOW COME ASSEMBLED.